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ICT BUSINESS: Typing, photocopying, lamination, internet browsing in-store for all users/the public etc
ICT GENERAL CONTRACTS: Supply of Computer, Computer works (Printing, Plastic any type of I.D Card, l etc. Repair of spoilt Computers) to organizations, government and non-government institutions, individuals & groups preparing for functions like weddings, burials, rally etc

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Agric Business

AGRICULTURE BUSINESS: Buying & selling of beans, maize, millet; import and export of agric products to individuals, retailers,


" LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE to all, individuals that need the services SALE OF DRINKS: Buying and selling of soft drinks to individuals for personal use and for functions.

Block Industry

BLOCK INDUSTRY: Production and sale of blocks to everyone that needs them for building


To become a largest company that will supply and produce it own products and to ultimately export our products overseas


To provide jobs for youths and empower them for the future to be independent

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